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U.S. Silver 75 (Olive)

U.S. Silver 75 (Olive), is our preferred synthetic grass used in most pet applications. Equipped with Optimum Flow™ technology, this turf has exceptional drainage.  Due to its permeability and slightly stiffer blade structure, this turf makes cleaning a breeze. This product also has many different uses including landscaping, putting fringe, and anywhere else a medium-density turf is needed.



Since the W shape blade was introduced to the turf market, it has proved to be a very durable yarn. The multi-dimensional structure of the W shape blade gives this yarn an advantage against all other one-dimensional synthetic yarns.  W shape blade reduces reflectivity to provide a more natural appearance including deflecting hot sunlight and lowering surface temperatures.


Patent-pending Optimum Flow™ backing increases the drainage rate tremendously by approximately 830%. With our Optimum flow nonperforated backing you will get industry-leading drainage efficiency on the turf. As a result, your turf will stay drier, cleaner, and help with those unpleasant pet odors.


HTP’s flow series products were designed with Optimum Flow™ backing to allow easy cleanup due to the high flow rate of the backing. As many do, we love our pets!  Don’t let your beloved pets stop you from putting in synthetic turf! With the flow series, you will be able to clean up after your pet and get them back to playing in your beautiful yard in no time!


  • Approximate Total Weight: 75 oz.

  • Approximate Pile Height: 1.5 in.

  • Backing: Optimum Flow

  • Fiber: Polyethylene

  • Infill: 1.0 lbs/psf

  • Warranty: 16 Years

  • Roll Width: 15 ft

  • Yarn Quality: DuraBlade™

  • Blade Type: W

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