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Yavapai Pro

Yavapai Pro has a unique & dynamic color palette, giving it that plush turf appearance to catch an abundance of neighborhood attention. The quality truly resembles a well-maintained and manicured landscape. This product will leave your neighbors perplexed by its constant appearance of a carefully groomed yard.  Once you’ve made the choice on this turf, you will soon see why once installed!



Here at HTP we strive to provide some of the most advanced and leading turf technologies available on the market.  DuraBlade™ Technology integrates raw material with a modern extrusion technique to create a molecular structure that improves fiber performance and durability.


DuraBlade™ is two times more durable than existing grades which results in better resistance to higher traffic areas.  We understand the investment of putting artificial turf in your yard.  Therefore, it’s extremely important to us to supply a product that is highly usable along with withstanding our desert elements for years to come.


DuraBlade™ also has better resistance to higher temperatures which results in better protection against the colors fading over time.  Here in our desert, these are valuable technologies in the artificial turf industry that set us aside from the rest.


  • Approximate Total Weight: 96 oz.

  • Approximate Pile Height: 2 in.

  • Backing: Polyurethane

  • Fiber: Polyethylene

  • Infill: 1.5-2 lbs/psf

  • Warranty: 16 Years

  • Roll Width: 15 ft

  • Yarn Quality: DuraBlade™

  • Blade Type: Wave

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